"Leave It All To Me" ist der Titelsongs der Nickelodeon Serie iCarly und wird von Miranda Cosgrove gesungen. Geschrieben und komponiert wurde der Song von Drake Bell, welcher neben dem Background-Gesang auch die Gitarre eingespielt hat.


thumb|300px|right Das Musikvideo von "Leave It All To Me" mit Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor und Drake Bell. Letzterer komponierte und schrieb, wie oben bereits erwähnt, zusammen mit seiner Band den iCarly-Theme Song.


Strophe 1

I know you see

Somehow the world will change to me and be so wonderful

Live life breath air

I know somehow were gonna get there and feel so wonderful

I will make you change your mind

These things happen all the time


And it's all real

Im telling you just how I feel

So wake up the members of my nation

It's your time to be

Theres no chance unless you take one

And the time to see the brighter side of every situation

Somethings are meant to be so give me your best and leave the rest to me

Strophe 2

I know i'ts time

To raise the hand that draws the line and be so wonderful

Golden Sunshine

I know somehow it's gonna be mine and feel so wonderful

Show me what you can become

There's a dream in everyone


Leave it all to me

Strophe 3

So make it right (Maybe you're right) and see it throught

You know you won't be free until you.....


Leave it all to me

Leave it all to me

Leave it all to me

Just leave it all to me

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